Continuing our efforts to help you grow without the use of unnecessary plastics we are happy to present our Paper Plant Pot Maker.

Simply cut strips of newspaper into one of the two suitable widths and wrap it around the chosen size of pot maker. After pressing gently into the base, remove the base and the inner wooden press to reveal your Paper Plant Pot. Fill each Paper Plant Pot with suitable seed compost, plant your seed and water when required. Once the seedling is ready for transplanting, simply plant the whole Paper Pot directly into the soil. Over the following weeks the newspaper will degrade away leaving the plant to grow its roots into the surround soil. 

  • Make your own biodegradable pots from old newspaper
  • Makes 2 different widths of Paper Plant Pots
  • Great gift for Adults and Children
  • Registered Design
  • Width 8.5cm x Height 15cm
  • Weight 245g




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