Sie haben das Gärtnern für sich entdeckt und suchen eine Grundausstattung für Gartenarbeiten? Hier finden Sie Produkte, die in keinem Garten fehlen sollten.

Transplanting Trowel


For those who prefer a narrower trowel this is a very nice tool indeed and is by far our most popular hand tool. It has a depth gauge on the blade which comes in very handy whilst planting bulbs ensuring you get an accurate planting depth each time. Over the years we have also found this to be a great...

Hand Fork


For weeding and cultivating the soil in and around borders, beds and pots. A very versatile tool with many practical uses. The swan neck design greatly enhances the comfortable fit the tool has in the hand. Stainless Steel Head Swan Neck  FSC Ash Handle  Leather Hanging Hoop Size 330x75mm Weight 165g

Westminster Secateur with Rosewood Handles


Each of our Westminster Secateurs are made of drop forged carbon steel and are individually Hand Crafted in England exclusively for us by a very respected tool maker. Drop forging makes steel stronger, the shaping of the steel molecules during the forging process results in a blade that is less flexible and is able to keep its sharp edge for longer. Before...

Gießkanne 2l


Every gardener needs a good watering can. Our Classic English style watering can is made from good quality galvanised steel that has been powder-coated in the Original British Racing Green colour. Its compact 2ltr size makes it ideal for watering smaller containers both inside and outside and is also very handy for watering those higher, or hard to reach places. 

Jute Twine 3ply 150 meter


Our Jute Twine is the gardeners best friend. It is ideal for general garden and household tying as well as for marking out seed lines or supporting bean frames, plants and stems. It is gentle on plants and reducing the risk of cutting into the stems when tied. It is also still produced in Great Britain for us (unlike many imported Jute Twines) using the original machinery used...

Seedling Labels & Pencil


Our seedling labels are a wooden alternative to the normal white plastic labels. Using these handy little labels will help you remember which seeds you have planted,  and where! Ideal for use when planting seeds in pots and soil. where short term use is required. The added bonus is that if you forget them or loose them in the soil...

Gardeners Soap


Our Gardeners Soap is a lightly exfoliating bar designed to remove ground in dirt from mucky hands, a must-have for any gardener. Its texture comes from a mixture of Oats and Poppy Seeds (non opiate!) which help lift ground in dirt whilst providing essential nourishment for sore, tired skin.  Amongst the other natural ingredients, it also contains includes tea tree oil, chosen for it's refreshing but anti-bacterial...